Amazing Features

Offline-Online Enabled

Complete solution of ZoPos is based on the Offline and Online both Technology on any android device.

Ease of Use

ZoPos App is very Easy to Navigate. All the options are on Palm.

Cheapest Pricing

ZoPos offers Best Pricing for all the Stores & Company ZoPos is totally free.


About ZoPos

  • Our Impacts

    EASE, PROFIT, PROCESS , DECISION, MANAGEBasic objective is Ease , savings, process improvement and making lives better.

    SOCIAL IMPACT: Skilling, Education and Training.

    GREEN IMPACT: It will save Paper and Currency : There is a Carbon Credit Contribution on every transaction.

  • Our Team

    The Team is drawn from Industry, Finance, IIT and from various walks of life to steer the need based solutions. It is towards service of people and nation.

    Objective is to create value by savings and process improvement. Team has worked on the actual conditions of industry, small and large businesses, scope of improvement and need for control and real time reporting. We have tried to create a one stop shop by offering all solutions under one roof so that end to end solutions are done.

    The team in total has used 150+ years of experience of Life, daily experiences, professional and actual ground level feedback to attend to day to day issues in buying and selling. Team comprised of Retail, Finance, Industry and IT.

  • Overview

    ZoPOS is the POS (point-of-sale) app perfect for your retail store, cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, beauty salon, kiosk, food truck, car wash or individual business. No ads, no credit card required, no contracts, and no commitments.

    Use ZoPOS point of sale system instead of a cash register and track sales and inventory in real time, manage items, view sales reports. Build your customer database, send them messages and electronic receipts, collect valuable feedback.

    ZoPOS software helps you turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete, easy to use, intuitive point of sale (retail POS) system enriched with customer relationship management (CRM).

  • Vision

    Technology enabled Comprehensive one stop solution across industry and geographies. Reach and connect people by Research , Efficiently, Analytically, Committed, and Honestly (Reach) thereby increasing the value of all internal and external stakeholders.

    A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so

  • Mission

    Effort toward not snatching away business from stores but strengthening them to compete with online stores as India is a country of 130 crore people and we cannot make people loosing business. Help them use technology and solutions to save and increase business. Take better and faster decisions.

    People needs to be offered affordable services and solutions and should be connected with options to Earn,Insurance,Banking,Learning.


More Features

Analysis & Report

Analysis & Reports in all the Services is downloadable in CSV Formats

Customer Support

ZoPos App has an option of Customer Support for Support

Inventory Report

ZoPos App will give you the Reports of your Inventory, sell at run time anywhere

Highly Compatible

ZoPos Application is compatible with all Android Version and web version

Well Secured

We are not sharing any Report/User Data with any other Organization

Light Weight

ZoPos App will not take much space of RAM of your Smart Phone.

Start Download

Quick View

Use your E-mail or Mobile Number as Username with your Correct Password to Login in ZoPos App
Here are the Steps for Registration in ZoPos App:
Step 1: Create Company in case of Multiple Outlets or Single Store
Step 2: Store and User Details
Step 3: Product and Inventory Upload, if registred download Database
Step 4: Start Selling and create Step 5: Backup Database, Automatick, scheduled, Manual
One is required to have a GPS enabled SmartPhone, Laptop, Tablet with tracking/location activated and Minimum 3G Internet should be required in ZoPos Application.
Yes, ZoPos App is useful for BusinessesZoPos.

Our Best Pricing

Account Types Price Features
Point of Sale Single and Multiple Rs 1000/- Per Month Single Store all functionalities. For Multiple Store ask for quote

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